Another kit is now available from our shop. This is a thread painting of a Great Kiskadee.

The Great Kiskadee is a common bird throughout tropical South America and yet not as well known as birds like macaws and toucans. It’s a shame as it deserves to be better known with its bright yellow underparts and boldly striped head it’s a striking bird. It call is also striking; and one of the chracteristic sounds of the neotropics and gave it its name – kis-ka-dee.  It is often quite conspicuous as it perches in the open and sallies out after its insect prey. It’s large beak snapping shut as it finds a large insect like a cicada.  

This is a small work that is available as a kit and would be suitable for basic stitchers to complete for themselves.  The kit is avaialble on Etsy.  It can be mounted in a gift card, or a frame. Its also suitable for projects like shirt pockets, arms, or pin cushions. Anywhere one wants abit of colour.

We’ll also be featuring this kit in our upcoming workshop in Richmond, North Yorkshire. If you’re new to thread painting this is an ideal opportunity to get some help with completing the kit.

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