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This is a legacy page as of 01.03.17 so items are not available for sale and are listed are just listed for infomation and reference.


Includes pump, 20 ft of 6mm tubing, 6ft of 4mmtubing, 2 nozzles, T piece, 2 nozzles holders, Pump brackets, power cord, all adapters.


A top quality nozzle that will produce a wide spread of mist.Includes a pressure valve to maintain pressure and reduce noise or start-up and drip on shutdown. Attaches direct to 4mm LDPE pipe.


If you want to build your own misting system we sell all the parts seperately see list below for prices. The pump illustrated here will power about 6 nozzles. Its quiet and produces 8 bar at 300ml/min. 240V.


Deluxe nozzle ...Pl..Art...

6mm ldpe tubing, per ft

4mm ldpe tubing

JG Speedft 6mm T

JG speedfit 6m - 4mm convertor

Peat blocks 30 x 20 x 10 cm

Peatblocks 10x10x20cm

Aluminum diffuser

White plactic diffuser

Transparent prismatic diffuser

Transparent plastic H section, 4mm

6000K 55w Powercompact lamp

Lampholder for above

Ballast for 55w powercompact