+A guide to some other sites of interest


If you check out the same search engines as I did for information on embroidery then your likely to be disappointed by the returns; certainly I have been. However, there are many more sites than such a search might suggest, its just that they're hard to find. We hope that this page can help overcome this by directing you to a few key sites. Its not our intention to give a comprehesive listing, but just to give a fewsites which have a good links to plenty other sites.

Wonderful Stitches. A well known magazine with a good web site. It has an axcellent selection of links and is probably the best place to start any search of the web. The URL is

Aion designs. Another good site with good links. The URL is

Cirencester Needlecrafts. Also has a good selection of links. The URL is

Ann Dunbar. A site devoted to the work of Ann Dunbar who works in machine ebroidery stitched on paper with watercolour paintings. Whilst we're not overwhelmed by it ourselves you might find it of interest. The URL is

You will find that none of these sites have much on freestyle embroidery. The fact is that we've still not found much on this subject on the net. If you know any good sites on this subject then please let us know so we can add it here.

Wildlife Art

We'd like to believe that our art can stand comparison with the best, so we're happy to direct you to other sites displaying wildlife art.

The Museum of Wildlife Art. An excellent Museum, though the site itself is rather weak. Mainly of interest for information on exhibitions and visitor information. The URL is

The Wildlife Art Magazine. A good site with lists of shows and galleries; unfortunately almost exclusively North American. The URL is

Web Express Art Mall. Probably the best site in this category. A good selection of links. The URL is

World Wide Nature Artists. Displays work by a good selection of artists. The URL is

Winthrop Studios. A small selection of artists. The URL is

Yahoo also have a section on nature art with a good selection of individual artists.


Guyana is Chandra's country of birth and its still abundant wildlife provides the inspiration for much of our work. Its one of the poorest countries in the Americas; a country with many problems but much wonderful wildlife. If You'd like to know more then try the following:

Iwokrame Programme. A site dedicated to an international programme for sustainable utilisation of natural resources on a large reserve in Guyana, with good links to sites on natural history and conservation in Guyana. The URL is

A guide to Guyana. Just what it says. With an excellent selection of links to other sites on Guyana.

Technical Information

Good graphics on a home computer requires more than a well crafted site. The final product depends almost as much on the receiving system. This can be a little complex,but the results are worth the effort.

Accurate Image Manipulation for Desktops is one of the best introductions to this topics, though you should be aware that some of the conclusions are rather controversial. Having said that I've found it by far the most useful site. The URL is

Color technology is widely regarded as the standard site in this field. However, its rather technical and I haven't found that some of the suggestions are very practical or useful. It does however have some useful information and some good links. The URL is

Graphics Unleashed is a site primarily devoted to users of Corel Draw. However, a lot of the information has wider aplication and is presented in a very accessible form. I particularly recommend the sections on colour management and hardware, as well aas the comprehensive links section. The URL is

A Few Scanning Tips is a site devoted to scanning graphics. It is quite comprehensive and has useful information on subjects such as Colour management and file formats. It also has good links. The URL is