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Welcome to our world of embroidery. We believe we have some of the most exciting original embroidery in the world and we would like to invite you to join us in an exploration of this work.

Original embroidery

Embroidery sample
A gallery of unique and original embroidery designs by Chandra Brown, featuring tropical birds, flowers and animals. The designs are created using a freestyle technique which allows a high level of realism, flexibility and creativity. The use of thread gives vibrant, living colours which are ideally suited to reproducing the exciting colours of the tropical world. The designs are on a variety of backgrounds including hand painted backgrounds that enhance the appearance of the embroidered work.
Specimen embroidery
Embroidery kits
Chandra also produces a range of kits to enable people to complete some of her designs themselves. These are aimed at a range of skill levels, including beginners. Subjects include birds and flowers of South America and the Caribbean. The kits include everything needed to complete the work; including fabric, design, thread and instructions. The designs are suitable for framing or for use as coasters, bookmarks, etc.
An introduction to the techniques of freestyle embroidery. Information on copying patterns in colour, choosing fabrics, preparing your fabric, stretching the fabric for stitching, stitching techniques, colour technology, mounting and presenting your work.
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