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.Embroidery kits by: Chandra Brown

Welcome to our gallery of Chandra's embroidery art.

Freestyle embroidery made easy with Jangala's Easy Sew.

In addition to original artwork Chandra also creates kits for those who would like to do embroidery themselves. These mostly feature simple designs which can be completed by anyone with a little perserverence. The kits feature widlife subjects using Chandra's favourite technique, freestyle embroidery. This technique gives highly detailed and realistic results with relative ease using our Easy Sew technology. Try it and see how easy they are!

The kits contain everything needed to complete the work, including instructions, needle and thread. All feature cotton thread and cloth. The kits all feature our Easy Sew technology, which comprises a detailed print of the completed embroidery on the fabric itself. This shows both the colour, direction amd length of the stitches so that stitching is simpler than you ever imagined. If you've ever been intimidated by the difficulties of freestyle embroidery now is the time to try1 You'll find its easier than you thought with Easy Sew.

All our kits are listed below with an illustration, their size, skill level required, and an estimate of the time needed to complete. If you are new to embroidery take note of our guidelines as to the level of experience required for each kit and the time needed to complete. We recommend you begin with one of the simple beginners kits needing onloy a couple of hours; you can then try others to slowly increase your experience and skill.

Some of the work displayed earlier in the Gallery of original embroidery are also available as kits. These are listed without illustrations in a section entitled 'gallery patterns'. You can view the illustrations themselves in the following galleries

Hummingbirds     Tropical Wildlife

The gallery of kits is divided into the following categories for rapid download:

Wildlife maps          Gallery patterns

Birds of Guyana        Birds of Trinidad

Flowers of Guyana

.Wildlife maps                                                                      series 100

Birds of Guyana
16" X 12"

ref. 101

Kit 30.00
Complete 500.00

This kit features a map of Guyana with illustrations of eight birds charcteristic of the country, inculding the national bird.

Birds of Trinidad
16" X 12"


Kit £30.00
Complete £750.00

This kit features a map of Guyana with illustrations of eight birds characteristic of the country, including the national bird

Flowers of Guyana
6" X 12"

ref. 102

Kit 30.00
Complete 750.00

This kit features a map of Guyana, in South America, featuring eight flowers characteristic of the country, including the national flower. Note that these flowers are also availably individually in our Flowers of Guyana series

.Gallery patterns
The patterns listed below are illustrated in the gallery section. Click on the titles to see these illustrations

Tropical Swallowtails
ref. 601

ref. 602

ref. 603

ref. 604

Heliconia psittacorum
ref. 605

Details of the artist, her work and how to purchase it are available at Gallery of original embroidery.