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.Embroidery by: Chandra Brown

Welcome to our gallery of Chandra's embroidery art.

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Tropical Wildlife

Swallowtail embroidery

Tropical Swallowtails
(Embroidery on plain cotton)
14" X 11"


Three swallowtail butterflies flit around the flowers of the common garden plant and weed of cultivation Lantana, which is always a magnet to butterflies. The picture is designed in an oriental stlye, primarily with outline embroidery.; this gives it a light and airy feel appropriate to our vision of butterflies

Red-billed Toucan
(Embroidery on coloured background)
9" X 6"


The Red-billed Toucan is one of the most common and spectacular birds of Northern South America. In its treetop habitat the bird against a blue sky amidst the patterns of the branches forms a beautiful image.

Heliconia embroidery

Heliconia psittacorum
(Cotton embroidery on plain cotton)
8" X 6"


Heliconia psittacorum is one of the most common of the many species of this genus which occur in South America. This very beautiful flower sometimes occurs in huge patches or hedges when the masses of flowers make a stunning display, which is very attractive to certain hummingbirds. This small work is in the style of a traditional scientific illustration.

Crocodile embroidery

(Cotton embroidery on plain cotton)
8" X 7"


Crocodiles of various species are a characteristic and familiar sight along many rivers in the tropics. Lacking bright colours they can hardly be called beautiful, but they have a striking appearance with their gaping tooth filled jaws and armoured bodies. The style of embroidery chosen is inspired by oriental art; its simplicity seems to emphasise the stark lines and primitive nature of the beast.

Goldfish embroidery

(Cotton embroidery on painted cotton)
12" X 9"


A group of goldfish gather around a patch of water weeds. Their bright colours give them a timeless appeal, making a suitable subject for this simple emboidery.

Butterfly embroidery

(Cotton embroidery on plain cotton)
8" X 6"


A group of tropical daisies attract three colourful butterflies belonging to two species of the family Heliconiidae. These are familiar sights in parts of the West Indies and Northern South America. The work is undertaken in an oriental style; the simplicity of this techniques gives an airy feel appropriate to the subject.

Details of the artist, her work and how to purchase it are available at the Gallery of original embroidery.
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