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.Embroidery by: Chandra Brown

Welcome to our gallery of Chandra's embroidery art.

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Embroidered Hermit

Little Hermit
(Embroidered bird on painted cotton)
10" X 8"


The Little Hermit is a common small hummingbird in much of tropical South America. It is a bird of the forest understorey where, like other Hermit hummingbirds, it feeds exclusively in the nectar of Heliconias. Here in the perpetual dusk of the forest undertorey their magnificent flowers provide a spectacular contrast.

Embroidered Hermit

Long-tailed Hermit
(Embroidered foreground on painted cotton)
8" X 7"


The Long-tailed Hermit is one of the commonest hummingbirds of the tropical forests of South America. Here it inhabits the undertorey where its food plants, the Heliconias, occur. It feeds exclusively on this group of plants. Its long curved bill is specially adapted to extract nectar from these plants.

Embroidered Sapphire

Rufous-throated Sapphire
(Embroidered bird on painted cotton)
8" X 7"


The Rufous-throated Sapphire is a rather uncommon, but widespread, hummingbird in northern South America. With its bright red bill, and blue chest it is a handsome bird; but the feature that gives it its name is virtually invisible. It is most common in the higher levels of the forest, but here it is shown feeding on a beautiful Hibiscus.

Embroidered Barbthroat

In the tropic air
(Embroidered bird on painted background)
9" X 8"


A hedge of Coral Hibiscus provides a display of nature's flamboyence in the tropics. It is heightened even more by the beauty of a jewel-like hummingbird hovering around the flowers.

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.The artist
Chandra Brown was born in Guyana. She has been doing embroidery of many kinds for as long as she can remember and is well known in her home country as an expert on the subject, where her work is much sought after. She has also had a lifelong interest in natural history and has travelled extensive in her own and neighbouring countries observing the wildlife. This interest is reflected in her work, which specialises in the wildlife of her homeland. She has been very involved in conservation in Guyana, where she was secretary of the country's largest conservation group and active in the education of schoolchildren in this field
Chandra has used many techniques in the past, but now specialises in freestyle embroidery as she finds it has such flexibility, which allows her to create a great variety of effects and accuracy in her work. Much of her work uses a lot of blending of threads to create subtle effects and could be characterised as thread painting. As such it is very intricate and time consumming to complete so that she sometimes concentrates on small motifs in larger painted works where the embroidery is the centre of focus. The different media of the background provides a contrast which emphasises the embroidery. Much of her work features birds as these are a special interest of hers and the stitching technique provides a remarkably life like interpretation
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