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Jangala is the creation of Robert and Chandra Brown. Jangala is the Sanskrit word from which Jungle is derived, and which provides our main inspiration. This site is a showcase for our art and an introduction to the world that has inspired it.

Original embroidery

Embroidery sample
A gallery of unique and original embroidery designs by Chandra Brown, featuring tropical birds, flowers and animals. The desins are created using a freestyle technique which allows a high level of realism, flexibility and creativity. The use of thread gives vibrant, living colours which are ideally suited to reproducing the exciting colours of the tropical world. The designs are on a variety of backgrounds including hand painted backgrounds that enhance the appearance of the embroidered work.
Paintings Painting sample
A gallery of paintings by Robert Brown together with information on the artist and his art. The subject of the paintings include b oth tropical wildlife and British wildlife. Robert tries to open our eyes to aspects of the wild world that we may not be familiar with. His paintings combine simplicity and subtelty to produce images with an inherent strength and presence.
Chandra is a native of Guyana of East Indian descent, and both of us lived in that country for seven years when we travelled extensively studyin g the country's biodiversity. If you want to learn more about this fascinating country, which provides much of the inspiration for our art, then click the heading.

Links to a variety of sites relating to the sbject of this site, including: embroidery, art, wildlife, Guyana.

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If you have comments or questions about our site, or want to contact us for any other reason, then click the heading to e-mail us. Alternatively our address is: Jangala, 1 Sleegill, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 4RH, U.K. Tel. 07981 769571.
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